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All That You Need to Know About a Pediatrician

Children tend to go through different stages of physical, emotional and behavioural changes. These changes are all part of life and thus need to be met with various kinds of medical needs. Since these needs are quite different from that of a teenager or an adult, they require something specific. That very mode of specification takes shape into a profession known as a pediatrician. Catered to meet needs and requirements, these professionals are qualified individuals who will be able to help out children at times when they need it the most. So to further understand different aspects of a pediatrician, let’s go into the details.

Aspects of a pediatrician


A pediatrician is a medical doctor who specializes himself or herself in the treatment of infants, children, adolescents and young adults. Their services may or may not begin before conception but will definitely be needed through pregnancy. Setting an upper age limit for the same is not mandatory, and one can refrain from doing so because it all depends upon the individual’s physical and mental needs. Since nobody can predict that, it is always good to avoid assumptions and continue treatment until the pediatrician says otherwise.

As pediatricians are trained and qualified individuals, they will be able to examine children and help them cope up with life. Since the early stages of life tend to be confusing, it is quite essential to expose your children to such forms of care and support. By doing so, you are proving prime importance to their primary needs and making the future less uncertain.


The Different Types of Pediatricians

Before going ahead to book an appointment for a pediatrician, one must also be aware of the various types of pediatricians. Their services vary based on the current needs of your children. So to help you out on that front, here are a few of the different types of pediatricians.

  1. Critical Care Pediatrics – they tend to facilitate teams of healthcare professionals who are known to treat children during unstable or critical health situations.
  2. Child Abuse Pediatricians – these individuals possess a specialized form of training, skills and experience that are needed to help children who have gone through specific types of abuse or neglect.
  3. Developmental behavioural Pediatricians – specialists who evaluate the behavioural and development of children and teens.
  4. Pediatric Oncologists – individuals who are specialized in diagnosing and treating various types of cancer in children.
  5. Pediatric Nephrologists – they are professionals who are known for treating conditions that affect the urinary system that also includes urinary tract infections and kidney disease.
  6.  Adolescent Medicine Specialists – they tend to focus on the care needed for adolescents from around 11 to 21 years of age.

Broadening the Government’s Role in Health Literacy

Governments of various nations have a different set of objectives to be fulfilled. These objectives tend to revolve around the current situation in that particular country and the extent of change that could drive growth. But apart from these specific goals, governments from across the world tend to have a common one. Yes, that’s right. This common objective stands to relate to its role in promoting health literacy and how the government needs to make matters count. So to thoroughly understand the same, let’s dig deeper into what needs to be done.

Participation and Representation

As a society, we are living in an age of change that drives on particular aspects. But these modes of change cannot be achieved if we leave out essentials like health literacy. So by all means, governments need to spread awareness of the critical role played by health literacy in a society and how it manages to shape the future. By doing so, it should move ahead to include active participation and representation of individuals in the aspects of decision making. Once people are involved in the process, you can expect the development of a sense of interest among the rest. Towards the end, everyone will be aware of needs to be done for their society and how it needs to be done.

Individual health

Health Literacy and Government Activities

Before acknowledging the importance of health literacy and spreading it to the people, governments need to ensure that their activities are optimised for the same. For example, developmental projects are known to have a negative impact on individual health through means of pollution and other problems. Due to all that, steps need to be taken to sustain the problem and carry on the process in a much more efficient manner. Bringing out changes in policies and other decisive decisions will help to reduce the impact of projects and promote the cause of sustainable living.


Sustainable Development Goals or SDG is known for providing various benefits to the government. Due to that, they need to utilise the same for all activities pertaining to health literacy. By doing so, one can expect to bring about a positive change since every action will be associated with cause and effect. As a result, the end objective can be achieved, and governments will be exposed to innovative methods to achieve the same. Including the same for the weaker sections of the society is another step that is highly recommended. This method will not only push towards the development of various communities but also provide more scope for enhancement. So with calculated measures and steps, we can ensure to spread the word on health literacy.

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