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Lex noise of Salvatore Romanelli and Rocco Guarino

The Noise-LEX8hV3.xls software is a tool designed to assist the supervisory staff, the survey technician, the employer, the competent doctor or the RSPP, in the performance of their duties. It has come to the third edition chasing, since 2007, the sudden changes imposed by the regulations that have alternated in the meantime (UNI 9432/2002 and UNI 9432/2008). Even this last publication, after 12 months of study and preparation, has been aligned with the most recent reference standards, according to the Legislative Decree 81/2008 art. 190 c. 3 and smi: UNI 9432/2011 and UNI EN ISO 9612/2011. Within the software, the RPER indicators (Potential noise risk) and RBE (Equivalent noise level) have been proposed again, together with all the innovations introduced.

Noise-LEX8hV3.zip (3.23 MB)

By way of indication, in order to make the potential of the software comprehensible, it is proposed the drafting of a TECHNICAL REPORT applied to a verisimile situation in which the phonometric measurements reported are actually referred to the equipment indicated.

The configuration of the phonometric instrumentation used has been adjusted to obtain, for each single measurement, all the parameters strictly necessary to fulfill what is required by the law (characterization of impulsive or non-impulsive, fluctuating or constant noise; noise considering the real attenuation of the PPE with the SNR and / or OBM methods). This particular configuration, which can now be implemented on almost all the latest generation sound level meters, makes it possible to carry out a type of sampling that is unexceptionable from the qualitative point of view and certainly fast and precise. For clarifications on the configuration of the sound level meter write to: rocco.guarino@aspbasilicata.it

Noise-LEX8hV3-DEMO.zip (3.93 MB)

The activity being studied in the present application example analyzes the processing of stones and marbles. The measurement strategies proposed, according to the provisions of the standards, are those for TASKS and the one for MANSION (the strategy for an ENTIRE DAY, however provided by the software, has not been taken into consideration as it is very similar to that for MANSION).

All the following tables have been extracted from the demo file: Noise-LEX8hV3-DEMO.xls. In this publication, therefore, in addition to showing how to carry out most of the arguments established by the law, some interesting interpretations were presented at the end leaving the conclusion to the user, giving him the opportunity to check what was stated and, if he thought it interesting, to move forward in the search.

ExampleApplication.pdf (1.81 MB)
Prints from DEMO.pdf (298 kB)


The spreadsheet: “Noise-LEX8hV3.xls” is granted free of charge.
It can be distributed, duplicated and used simply by quoting the source.

It has the only claim to speed up calculations of acoustic physics and therefore the technicians who will use it are invited to test it according to their own procedures and to communicate possible errors to the originators. Anyone who uses this spreadsheet is responsible for their statements, freeing the originators from any civil or criminal liability.

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