When your body is not capable of transporting sugar from the blood into cells effectively, the high blood sugar occurs. This can lead to diabetes if left unchecked. It is reported in a study from 2012 that 37-38% of US adults were classified as pre-diabetic while 12-14% had type 2 diabetes.

How to Lower Your Blood Sugar From Home

Which means that around 50% of all US adults are suffering from diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Here are a few easy ways that can help you lower the levels of your blood sugar naturally at your home:

Exercise Regularly

You’ll be able to increase insulin sensitivity and lose weight by exercising regularly. Your cells are capable of using the sugar that is available in your bloodstream with the increased insulin sensitivity.

How to Lower Your Blood Sugar From Home

Your muscles are also enabled to use blood sugar for muscle contraction and energy with the regular exercise.

Good forms of exercise include brisk walking, biking, hiking, running, weight lifting, dancing, swimming and more.

Exercise is a good way of helping your muscles for picking up the sugar from the blood and increases insulin sensitivity. Thus, you’ll be able to see a decrease in the blood sugar levels.

There are different kinds of tools available that you can use to measure the blood sugar level of your body. You can get such tools from reliable providers like

Taking Avocados

The important components of a healthy blood sugar eating plan are the monounsaturated fatty acids and Polyunsaturated fatty acids. They can help in improving insulin sensitivity.

How to Lower Your Blood Sugar From Home

They have a healthy impact on inflammation and the blood pressure and can also help increase the feelings of satiety. Monounsaturated fatty acids are a key nutrient in avocados.

It is discovered in different studies that the risk of metabolic syndrome can be decreased with the avocados. This is a group of risk factors by which the risk of diabetes can be increased. The risk of blood vessel diseases such as stroke and heart disease can also be raised by this.


Drinking the water can help you decrease the blood sugar levels. Drinking at least two glasses of water is a good way of decreasing the blood sugar. Water helps in stabilizing the glucose in the bloodstream and flushing out your system.

Eat a protein-packed snack

Protein can slow the absorption rate of glucose because it acts as a blood sugar stabilizer. Increased hunger is a general sign of high blood sugar. So, this will not only lower the blood sugar but also helps to satisfy that craving at the same time.

You’ll be defeating the purpose of grabbing a snack if you grab one that contains that contains a lot of sugar along with the protein. An ounce of cheese or a tablespoon of no-sugar added peanut butter are some of the good sources of protein. But be very careful and don’t overdo it.

These easy tips will help you lower your blood sugar at home as well as helping you stay healthy.

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